Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tips from a Dentist: What to Do During Your Child’s Dental Emergency

No parent would ever want any harm to come their children, but that might be easier said than done if the latter are active little youngsters. Participating in sports and roughhousing can lead to serious injuries to your child’s pearly whites and cause a dental emergency. Children’s teeth are very different from an adult’s and would require special attention from a dentist in Hopewell to save it. If your child has a dental emergency, here are some of your responsibilities as a parent. Don’t Panic and Be Prepared Kids can get scared especially if they see the grown-ups in a state of panic. The least you can do is remain calm and collected so you can do what needs to be done. You should prepare a dental emergency kit in your home just in case. Colgate’s Oral Care Center recommends to have gauze, mouthwash, cold compress, a tooth storage device, and fluid ready.

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